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Forest of Interbeing is a project initiated by members of the Wake Up movement, an international group of young mindfulness practitioners. Aware of the damage we cause to the Earth through our lifestyle, we work to reduce our negative impact by carrying out concrete actions to help our planet to heal.

The Forest of Interbeing project restores and protects the rich and bio-diverse land of the Los Tuxtlas region, in the Mexican state of Veracruz. In addition to other ecosystems, Los Tuxtlas is home to the northernmost tropical rainforest in America. Unfortunately, the majority of this rainforest has been destroyed due to the expansion of pasture land for cattle breeding.

By reforesting and protecting the remaining rainforest, we can have a real impact on the protection of our planet Earth. These efforts reduce our CO² footprint, in order to ensure our descendants will enjoy a healthy Mother Earth. In addition, we save the homes of many living beings and restore places of refuge for wildlife that has suffered deeply due to our unskillful ways we treat nature. Although many of us live far away from Los Tuxtlas, the oxygen produced by the tropical forests is the oxygen we all breathe. Wherever we live, we truly inter-are with every tree.

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